Group of companies

Kuznetsky most in Moscow is not just a name of the street. For hundreds of years trading has flourished here, foreign companies have worked, international links have been established.

Our Group is also a kind of bridge – between Moscow and Hong Kong, Russia and Asia, between resources and consumers, between the past and the future of our country.

We have succeeded greatly, and we shall achieve great more the future. Because we work fast, keep our word and highly appreciate our friends. We will be glad to have you among our friends and partners. Together we shall achieve all we have planned.

Tropillo Vyacheslav
Kuznetsky most Group
Chairman of the Board

Kuznetsky most Group amalgamates Russian and foreign companies which provide financial service and business solutions for capital maintenance. The Group carries out the delivery of Russian and foreign equipment for major industries of oil, gas, agrarian and building sectors of the Russian economy. The most important companies of Kuznetsky most Group are:

Financial leasing company Kuznetsky most (Moscow), Ltd – universal leasing company having a status of Sberbank RF VIP-client and dealer of a number of foreign factories. The Company provides financial services in various market segments including highway transport, building special vehicles, industrial equipment, real estate, drilling and service equipment for oil and gas industry.

HKM HOLDING LTD (Hong Kong) – is a trade engineering company acting as a bridge between foreign suppliers, Asian companies, and Russian industries. HKM HOLDING LTD is a distributor of such famous Chinese producers as HONGHUA GROUP and Jereh Group and it is also a partner of major China and Hong Kong companies including Jardine Matheson Holdings – Hong Kong founder.